Ken Block finally reveals his new Ford Escort RS Cosworth

You can see the car at rally stages and in ‘GymkhanaTEN’

Last fall, Ken Block teased his next big project, a custom rally-spec Ford Escort RS Cosworth. This isn't just some 25-year-old economy car. The Escort RS Cosworth was a fully homologated rally machine. Block's is one of just a few thousand that were ever built. This isn't just some show car, either. Block plans to race it in several rally series around the world. The Escort RS Cosworth will also star in "GymkhanaTEN" sometime this fall.

In America, the Escort is mostly known as a cheap economy car with about as much flavor and jazz as a bologna sandwich. On the other hand, the European Ford Escort had a much more exciting history. Yes, most were just basic economy cars like the American model, but there were some really hot ones like the Escort RS1600 and this RS Cosworth.

The latter added all-wheel drive, a 227-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged Cosworth engine and an almost comically large rear wing. The car's top speed was 150 mph and it could hit 62 mph in just 5.7 seconds. In racing trim, the Escort RS Cosworth won races with rally heroes like Carlos Sainz and Tommi Mäkinen.
Block's Escort was painted by Death Spray Custom, the same artist that did some of Block's Focus rally cars. The lightning-bolt design is an evolution of last year's livery.

Block will race the car in both American Rallycross and the World Rally Championship race in Spain.

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