McLaren F1 team finds perfect sponsor for the Halo: A flip-flop maker

Gandys puts logo on driver protective device, will make Halo footwear

If you can't hide it, embrace it. When the Halo safety device was mandated for Formula One cars this year, many were quick to draw parallels with the structure's eccentric looks and a flip-flop shoe. Now it seems McLaren is in on the joke, as it has joined forces with a flip-flop manufacturer.

Next week, McLaren's cars will feature on their halos a prominent logo for Gandys, a British lifestyle brand known for its flip-flops. There's a charity involved, as 10 percent of Gandys' profits go to an orphans support foundation called Orphans For Orphans; the Forkan brothers behind the brand started Gandys after losing their parents in the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami. And it's not just about a sticker on a racing car, since Gandys and McLaren will launch a limited-run "Halo Edition" flip-flop model, with all profits going to the aforementioned foundation.
McLaren's CMO, John Allert says: "The placement of the logo on the MCL33's Halo was not only perfect from a branding perspective, but also a great opportunity to underline Gandys' charitable commitment to providing a safer, more protective environment for those at risk."

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