SpaceX and 'Westworld' creators made a Falcon Heavy short film

Elon Musk promised a short film about the inaugural Falcon Heavy launch from the team behind Westworld, and he delivered. The entrepreneur has posted the video (he calls it Falcon Heavy and Starman) in two parts on Instagram. It's not exactly a magnum opus, but it does a good job of encapsulating SpaceX's milestone in a short amount of time, including Starman's departure. Surprisingly, the video includes the loss of the center booster -- SpaceX isn't pretending the launch was all sunshine and roses. And naturally, there's no shortage of David Bowie for the soundtrack.

The clips arrived soon after Musk made a guest appearance at the SXSW 2018 Westworld panel. While he didn't offer any stunning insights, he did explain why he's tackling pie-in-the-sky projects like SpaceX or Tesla. Life can't be about "solving one miserable thing after another," he said. They have to be things that "make you glad to wake up in the morning," and concepts like electric cars and space travel certainly qualify.

Falcon Heavy and Starman, Part 1

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Falcon Heavy and Starman, Part 2

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