C'mon, we've all been there: After spending the day and night partying hard with his homies in Morgantown, W.Va., Kenny Bachman ordered up an Uber ride to take him back to where he was staying near the West Virginia University campus. Only he doesn't quite remember ordering the Uber. He apparently passed out soon after his ride arrived.

When Bachman awoke inside the 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan, he was in the middle of more than 300-mile trip to his home in suburban Camden, N.J.

"I just woke up," he told NJ.com. "And I'm thinking, 'Why the f— am I in the car next to some random-ass dude I don't even know?'"

Bachman, who told CBS Philly he "probably spent like $200 at the bar after already drinking all day," had also (inadvertently, one assumes) ordered the more-expensive Uber XL, which can accommodate groups of six. And because it was a Friday night, surge pricing was in effect, doubling every charge except the booking fee.

Total fare? A cool $1,635.93.

"Afterwards I had it fully sink in," Bachman told NJ.com. "Once the ride ended and I saw how much it was I was like, 'Alright, this is insane, that's just crazy.'"

Bachman reportedly challenged his bill with Uber, claiming he never entered his home in New Jersey as the destination, and he claims the driver answered a FaceTime call on his phone while he was passed out without his permission. But he ended up paying the fare in full.

He also gave the driver a five-star rating.

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