Migaloo designed a concept submersible yacht. The M7 superyacht is 928 feet of luxury. Features include a helipad, a wet garage for mini subs, an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, and much more. We hope they decide to make this and invite us for a ride.

Transcript: Supervillains rejoice! Your ship has come in. Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts are the perfect toys for the billionaire who has it all. The M7 submersible yacht concept is 928 feet long. The M7's amenities include: a helipad, a wet garage for mini subs, an outdoor pool and jacuzzi, a cinema room, a gaming room, and much more. Migaloo doesn't only design super yachts though, they also have a floating luxury island. Kokomo Ailand has a penthouse located 262 feet above sea level, and the island can move traveling at speeds up to 9 mph. Kokomo also has: 2 private elevators, a jacuzzi with glass bottom, a beach club and gym, and a helipad. If you have the money, you can take your ridiculous super yacht to your ridiculous floating island.

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