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New BMW 3 Series spied testing with Z4, Toyota Supra and Porsche 911

Expect reveals for the first 3er sometime soon.

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The current F30 generation BMW 3 Series is nearing the end of its life. BMW's smallest sedan debuted in late 2011. Since then, both the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 have undergone a full redesign. The same goes for the 3 Series larger siblings, the 5 Series and 7 Series sedans. It appears a new model is on the way, and our spy photographer caught it undergoing winter testing with a very eclectic group of friends.

We caught a glimpse of the new BMW M3 late last year. As much as we enjoy the hopped up variant, it's not going to be the model's volume seller. Compared to that car, the regular 3 Series appears to sit slightly higher. These photos may show the all-wheel drive xDrive model. Those tend to sit slightly higher than their rear-wheel drive siblings. The fenders are more narrow and the bumpers are less aggressive. Still, with the split grille and now instantly recognizable lighting, it's obvious what's resting under the camouflage.

In some of the photos, it looks like the 3 Series is being tailed by the new BMW Z4, Toyota Supra and a Porsche 911. The Z4 and Supra are being co-developed by BMW and Toyota. Their likely to share some parts with the 3 Series. The 911 seems out of place, but it could be there for benchmarking. Look for the 3 Series' full reveal later this year.

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