The BMW M760i is one hell of a car. It might not be a fully realized M Division product, but its 600 horsepower 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 provides more than enough oomph to make up for slightly soft suspension and relatively vague steering. We can't imagine anyone takes a car like this to a track anyway. There are plenty of other BMWs far more suited to hot laps on a closed circuit. Still, thanks to this video from AutoTopNL, the M760i might just be the German automaker's best highway cruise missile.

The point-of-view video shows a driver taking out a long-wheelbase M760i — the only version available in the U.S. — out on a stretch of Autobahn. This car is apparently equipped with the M Driver's Package, something not available in the U.S. That option raises the top speed from 155 mph to 190 mph, or 305 kph. It's interesting then that the speedometer in the video shows the car hitting 320 kmh, or 199 mph.

It's unclear whether that's a false number or if BMW's top-speed rating is slightly conservative. Lots of automakers misreport horsepower ratings, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch for BMW to undersell the car's capabilities. Either way, it's a hugely impressive number. Just as impressive is the composure the car seems to have at those speeds. The driver apparently feels comfortable enough behind the wheel to keep at it for a while.

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