In the lead-up to the launch of the Lamborghini Urus, the company has been posting trailers demonstrating the SUV's various drive modes. The latest of them shows off the "Corsa" track mode, but it shows off even more than that. As previously reported by Road & Track and CarScoops, an early version of the trailer, a clip shows the various modes on screen next to a completely uncovered version of the production Urus.

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has since removed that version of the trailer, replacing it with a different video. The new one zooms in on the lower screen to avoid showing the actual SUV. But because this is the Internet, once the first version was out, there was no going back. Above, we have the old trailer posted by another YouTube channel, and the image of the Urus is visible at the 12-second mark. But we've also provided a screenshot in case you don't catch it.

For fans of the Urus concept, the image is pretty much good news. It looks extremely similar to the concept, full of angles, a fastback roofline that drops quickly to the tail and a very angry-looking fascia. The headlights seem to have a bit less of a squinty scowl, and the grille now has some toothy additions at the bottom of the bumper. But overall, it's basically the Urus concept brought to production.

Lamborghini Urus switchgear

We also get some decent looks at the interior. There are three screens in total: one for the instrument panel and two for infotainment. The bottom of those two appears to be used for climate control. The drive modes and shifter controls are in the center around the starter button. They all seem to use big levers that look like miniature throttle controls from a plane or boat.

We'll learn more and see more when the Urus makes its debut on December 4.

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