Watch Tesla Model 3 explored in close detail

Every detail gets scrutinized in this video.

We've already learned a lot about the Tesla Model 3, but with any new car, there are always lingering questions that remain until one has the chance to explore it in person. This video, though, is the next best thing. In it, the folks at Model 3 Owners Club give us an in-depth tour of many of the features and details of a Tesla Model 3 equipped with the Premium Upgrade Package.

The video starts with exterior details, including the lighting, air ducts, potential connection spots for a roof rack, wipers, door handles and the quality of the brightwork. The reviewers bust out a measuring tape to get dimensions (in both imperial and metric units) of the cargo areas with seats up and down. They even discuss the underside of the vehicle.

Inside, the video explores the dash, windows, center console, visors, and basically any other detail you're itching to know about. They go into depth about the HVAC system, using streamers to help visualize the airflow at the vents. Of course, the central touchscreen gets a lot of attention.

Eventually, they take the Model 3 for a test drive. In all, the video is over an hour long. If you're looking for a particular feature, the YouTube page has a rundown of the video, with times listed for each feature, table-of-contents style.

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