Watch a Jaguar tow a man on skis to 117 mph

It's a new world record

Jaguar wagons are fun. Skiing is fun. Combine the two, and you get the above, which looks extra fun. Apparently there is a Guinness world record for top speed skiing while being towed by a vehicle. According to the video, that record was just under 70 mph. While we're not experts on high-speed skiing, that actually seems a little low, and so did Jaguar and Olympic skier Graham Bell.

So Jaguar and Bell went to an undisclosed location in the Arctic Circle to break the record. Jaguar brought along an XF S Sportbrake, a 380-horsepower wagon that is now available in America (yay!). They hooked up a line to the back, Bell suited up, held on, and rode along to a final speed of about 117 mph, a full 47 mph faster than the last record.

Frankly, we found this to be a pretty cool activity (no pun intended). We think maybe it should be considered for a new Olympic sport. Sure would be better than ice dancing. It could look something like the Bonneville Speed Week, with a big multi-mile stretch of snow to be towed along. Think about it, International Olympic Committee, you still have time before the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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