In an event filled with so much suffering and uncertainty, loss of life and loss of property, and an unrelenting 50 inches of rain, it's hard to imagine how anything in the Houston flooding could make people smile and tap into a reserve of hope. But this photo seems to be doing just that.

Posted by a Redditor with the handle Webborwebbor, and shared on Imgur where it's had a half-million views, the photo shows a member of Houston's "Cajun Navy" — the volunteers with boats who are pitching in to rescue residents from their cars, homes or attics. Webborwebbor posted this with the caption: "My friend's grandmother being jet ski'd out of her living room in Houston."

We don't know who the grandmother is. We don't know who the rescuer is. But their identities don't really matter. We can assume they might never have crossed paths before Harvey hit, this watercraft-riding guy and this lady with the grandfather clock. But they're clearly happy they found each other.

Keep Houston in your thoughts. And here's how you can help.

Here's the full uncropped image:

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