2017 Challenger, Charger Hellcats recalled for catastrophic oil-line failure

This leads to oil loss, and oil loss leads to bad things

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If you own a Hellcat, either a Charger or Challenger, built between Feb. 6, 2017, and May 30, 2017, you may want to consider parking it for a while. The reason for this is NHTSA officially acknowledged a recall from Chrysler for engine oil cooler lines that could fail, leading to major oil loss. Which of course could lead to severe engine damage.

According to the recall information, the issue lies in the rubber used in the oil cooler line. Chrysler's testing revealed that the rubber didn't meet the company's criteria. As a result it was able to separate from a crimped aluminum portion of the line, letting oil spill out.

The recall goes into effect on Sept. 22, which is when Chrysler will start reaching out to owners to alert them. The company will replace the oil cooler lines free of charge. Owners can call Chrysler's customer service at 1-800-853-1403 with any questions regarding the recall, which has the reference code "T48."

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