In Southern California, a highway trip turned terrifying for the driver of a black BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. As seen in the dashcam footage in the Fox 11 news clip above, a silver Infiniti G37 came roaring up from the left lane, and squeezed between the BMW and a semi. The Infiniti hit the BMW, sending it first to its right, striking a Nissan Altima, and then back toward the left lanes where it became wedged underneath the truck's trailer. According to Fox 11, the driver of the BMW didn't suffer any major injuries. Also, you can clearly see that the driver of the Infiniti didn't stop after the accident.

Unsurprisingly, the son of the BMW driver, Alan Parcero, is hoping that the driver of the Infiniti will be found by police. As of his most recent public post on Aug. 11, the offending driver hadn't been captured. California Highway Patrol does seem to have a solid lead, though. Parcero's last post reports that the police identified the license plate and the car turned out to be stolen. Apparently the police also found out who the driver was and where the driver resides. Also, if you happen to live in SoCal, keep an eye out for a dinged up silver Infiniti G37. It should have damage on both sides of the car, based on images from the video.

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