Though some folks love to complain that Formula E isn't exciting enough, the third season of the electric racing series is a great counterpoint. A lot happened, and it culminated in a dramatic double header in Montreal, which saw Brazilian Lucas di Grassi become the champion driver over Sébastian Buemi, who had a nightmare of a weekend. For those of us now hooked on the series, the interim has begun to leave us hungry for more. Thankfully, Formula E has been releasing new videos showing highlights of the season, as well as a more personal look into the drama that plays out on the closed-off city streets on race weekends.

This week, Formula E published a video, above, of some of the onboard radio chatter from drivers during the two days of racing. In it, OK. Buemi gets mad a lot, fuming after getting hit by other drivers. Felix Rosenqvist apologizes to his team for hitting the wall. Nick Heidfeld explains his side of the story after a collision. Buemi is upset that Daniel Abt is holding him up (Abt says Buemi is "complaining like a little boy"). Abt then complains about an "unsafe release" from the pits by Buemi before rear-ending him. Buemi curses in French. Abt curses in English. And that's just the first of the two Montreal races.

After the first day of racing, Buemi was seen going from driver to driver in another video, accosting them for their various perceived indiscretions on the track. The video above gives the tirade more context. The responses are pretty great, and after some downtime, Seb took to Twitter to apologize to his own team, as well as Andretti drivers Robin Frijns and Antonio Felix da Costa (but, conspicuously, not to Daniel Abt).

You might also have noticed quite a bit of contact in that video from the Montreal ePrix, and you can be sure it wasn't limited to the final double header of the season. There were a lot of bumps, wrecks and spins in 2016/17, and Formula E put together a compilation video of the most spectacular crashes from the entire third season. Boy, how those front ends break apart.

If you're left wanting to see more highlights from any of the three FIA Formula E Championship seasons, the series' YouTube channel has more, including the most controversial moments, beginning with the very first race of the very first season.

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