Multiple news outlets report that motorcyclist and Instagram star Olga Pronina, sometimes referred to as the "sexiest motorcyclist," died when she crashed her BMW S1000RR into a guardrail in Vladivostock, Russia. According to the Mirror, she had more than 160,000 followers on her Instagram.

Using the name Monika9422, Pronina would post videos of her motorcycle-riding exploits and stunts, some of which were sexually suggestive, including one in a short blue dress that the New York Daily News says was the last video she posted. Although Pronina's Instagram account has since been deactivated, that particular video has been reposted to YouTube by user Zvjezdan 93, and can be viewed here. Another video demonstrating her stunt riding was uploaded by LucioSP11 and is featured above. Many duplicate accounts with variations on her screen name have been created and filled with old photos of her, and people are sharing images of her with the hashtag #monika9422.

The New York Post says Pronina was 40 years old and worked as a hairdresser. The Mirror reports that she may have left behind a 16-year-old daughter.

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