Every month, automakers release their sales numbers, and occasionally we can find some interesting tidbits buried in the myriad spreadsheets and digits. Because car companies don't all release these numbers at once, not all of them are represented immediately, but we'll update this post with our latest findings. What's interesting this month.

The NSX had a really good July. Sales went up almost 50 percent, from 21 last July to 30 last month. That's over 300 units so far this year.

Alfa Romeo
Alfa probably posted the biggest month-over-month gain at 2749 percent. But then that's what happens when you go from only selling a lightweight, hardcore 4C sports car to a sedan (Giulia) and crossover (Stelvio). The brand sold 1,225 cars this month, a quarter of its year-long total.

Slight increases over last year, with three SUVs accounting for roughly half of sales. But the A5 had a 203 percent sales increase.

Sales were down last month and for the year-to-date, even accounting for an increase in SUV sales.

Rough July — down over 30 percent from last year, though year-to-date numbers are only slightly down. The three crossover models, Encore, Envision and Enclave, made up 85 percent of the brand's total retail and fleet sales (GM combines both types in its reporting) last month, and 77.5 percent of sales for the year.

The numbers show the brand needs more crossovers. The XT5 was the best seller with 5,504 units, which made up over half of the brand's sales, and both Escalade models totaled 2,726. Total sales for five car models barely beat the Escalades, at just under 3,000. Also strange is that Cadillac sold two of the discontinued Volt-based ELRs and an equally discontinued SRX.

The 300 had a good July with a 31-percent increase in sales, and the Pacifica saw a respectable increase of 5 percent for the month.

Several interesting tidbits: In what's surely good news for small-pickup fans, the Colorado's sales improved by nearly 22 percent over last July, and its sales for the year are a bit ahead of last year. This may show that the segment really does have legs. The Bolt EV reached a noteworthy milestone — it outsold the Corvette, despite not being available in all 50 states yet. And nearly 93 percent of its 1,971 sales were to private customers, rather than fleets.

Even though it's on the way out, the Dodge Viper posted a July increase from 49 to 56 cars.

Every Fiat model sold worse this July than last, and the 500X had the worst drop.

July was good for Ford crossovers, with the Escape, Edge, and Explorer gaining, along with the F-Series, but overall sales were slightly down for the brand.

Since the brand wasn't selling cars last July, it doesn't have numbers to compare year-to-year, but the company reports sales were up compared with June.

The counterpoint to the Colorado's improving sales are a drop in sales of its twin, the GMC Canyon, down for the month and for the year so far. The Acadia crossover and Savana commercial van were the only vehicles up. The latter had an awesome month, selling 2,000-plus units compared with just over 700 last July. Despite a down month, GMC is still up year-to-date, the only GM brand that can make the claim.

Honda's sales buck the "crossover is king" trend of other automakers. The Civic was the bestseller with over 36,000 sales. The CR-V sold nearly 32,000, with the Accord right behind at just shy of 31,000 units. The Odyssey minivan had more sales than the Pilot or HR-V. The Ridgeline, while down last month compared with last July, has sold 3.5 times as many units as it did this time last year. So Honda may have finally figured something out with this generation of the truck.

Only the Tucson saw a sales increase this July. Hyundai took a big hit compared with last July selling over 20,000 fewer cars.

Nissan's luxury brand saw an increase of 9 percent for the month, and an impressive 20 percent for the year.

The Grand Cherokee and Compass saw gains this month, while the rest of the lineup dropped. The Patriot was the biggest loser, which was expected since it was discontinued.

Kia nearly matched last July this year, missing the old mark by about 3,500 cars. Its year-to-date numbers are off by about 36,000, though.

Lexus shockingly sold an LFA. Yes, that LFA, the carbon fiber, V10-powered screamer that ended production back in 2012. It's the only one sold this year, but apparently Lexus sold six last year to this point.

Lincoln overall saw a decrease for July with every model except the Continental down in sales.

The company was down slightly this month, but AMG sales are up a whopping 52.9 percent year-to-date.

This July was pretty similar to last year's, down by less than 1,000 vehicles, and down a few thousand cars for the year. The CX-5 and CX-9 crossovers are up a bit, and the CX-3 was only down by 1.2 percent for the month. Sports car fans should also be happy that the Miata is up an impressive 116 sales this month for just under 1,000. For the year, the Miata has sold about 1,500 more than last year. It's always good to see a fantastic, traditional, rear-drive sports car stay a sales success.

Very little change across the lineup. The one exception is the five-door Mini hatchback. Its sales dropped by 40 percent, from 924 to 551. Year-to-date sales on that model are down by a similar percentage. People might not be into the stretched Mini when the Clubman and Countryman also exist.

The Juke and Quest bombed this July, the former down by half, and the latter selling just 12 units. Armada and Titan are way up, by 309- and 232-percent respectively.

Sales were almost the same between Julys with only 23 cars separating the two. It hides the fact that Macan sold nearly 700 more units than last July.

The truck brand had almost the exactly the same July as last year, selling just 33 more vehicles than previously.

Subaru continues its steady sales success with a 6.9-percent improvement month-over-month, and an 8.7-percent increase year-to-date. Even the BRZ saw a 5.4-percent sales boost over last July.

Trucks, crossovers, and SUVs are doing gangbusters. Toyota sold about 17,500 more trucks and SUVs this month than last July. Comparing years-to-date, the company has sold 54,000 more than last year. The gains are mainly from the Highlander and RAV4, each with gains of over 30 percent.

VW is another unusual automaker whose cars outsold crossovers. Overall sales were down close to 6 percent July-over-July, but year-to-date sales are up about 6 percent.

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