First US trailer for Bruce McLaren documentary debuts

Bruce McLaren was a pioneer in motorsports, both on and off the track. The Formula One team he founded has won 8 constructors and 12 driver's championships, right near the top with Williams and Ferrari. A documentary about his life, simply titled McLaren, is set to debut in the US on video-on-demand next month. The first US trailer debuted today.

The documentary covers McLaren's life, from his childhood in New Zealand to the tragic crash at Goodwood that took his life. It features interviews with many of McLaren's contemporaries along with new and original footage of the team's cars. Most of the focus seems to be on his career, though the trailer does touch on McLaren's legacy.

The film has been produced by Gunpowder & Sky and was directed by Roger Donaldson, the man behind The World's Fastest Indian.

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