Driving the Classiest Three-Wheeled Autocycle | Translogic 219

For the uninitiated, an autocycle is exactly what it sounds like; part car, part motorcycle. Autocycles seem to be emerging as the new hotness over the past few years, with many new production vehicles bringing interesting ideas and additions to the segment. Today on Translogic, join our host Jonathon Buckley as he zips through the canyons of Malibu in perhaps the classiest autocycle on the market, the Vanderhall Venice.

Vanderhall has recently been turning heads with their latest production vehicle, the Venice. Bucko had the opportunity to speak with Dan Boyer on the Vanderhall Motor Works team about the vehicle. Touting the vehicle's near supercar-like specs and timeless design, Bucko got the lowdown on the history of the car/motorcycle hybrid before getting behind the wheel.

Once he was in the driver's seat, our host zipped through "The Snake," one of the most classic roads in Southern California. He put the vehicle through its paces doing multiple laps while "hustling" through the canyons. At the end of the day, Bucko was left with a smile and nothing but good things to say about the Venice.

Check out the episode above to see what all the three-wheeled hype is all about, and don't forget to tune in to Autoblog every month for more exciting episodes of Translogic.

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