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The relaunch of the Alfa Romeo franchise by FCA, while promising, is without the presence of Alfa's lovely Spider convertible. There is, of course, the mid-engine 4C Spider, but that's far more exotic and expensive. If you're looking for the charm of the original, at a more affordable price, you'll need to go back 20-plus years, when Alfa was last in America.

What began as the boat-tailed Duetto in 1966, and evolved into the Kammback-profiled Spider around 1970, stayed in production with minimal changes through 1993. In 1983, U.S. bumper regulations began taking their visual toll, but that mod was minimized by the time this for-sale example was built.

You won't find roadsters for under $15,000 with the charms of an Alfa Romeo. If it has a clean Carfax and credible pre-purchase inspection, this Spider could provide years of enjoyment. We doubt a '91 Spider will appreciate, but you can, well, still appreciate it. And it's in San Francisco, so make its purchase a vacation.

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