Everything's bigger in Texas. The trucks, the beers, the steaks, the countryside, even the friendly smiles of the Texans themselves are built on a larger scale. The legendary immensity of the Great State apparently even extends to the stupidity of its criminals, as shown by a guy in San Antonio who left his ID behind after stealing a car off a dealership lot.

According to KSAT, Carlos Gonzales was busy at work at Auto Boulevard in San Antonio on the afternoon of May 27 when he discovered that one of the cars on his lot had been stolen. Apparently, one of his salesmen had been showing a prospective customer a used Infiniti G37 when the salesman had to step away to deal with another customer. While the salesman was away, the customer climbed into the Infiniti and made off with it. Unfortunately for him, he left his ID behind at the dealership.

"He liked the car apparently, so much that he took it," Gonzales told KSAT. "I still don't understand, why you would try to do that when you've given all your personal information?"

The dealership's owner, who declined an interview on camera, told KSAT that he personally drove to the address listed on the customer's ID in an attempt to get the car back. People at the house told him that the customer did in fact live there but hadn't been around for several weeks.

Since it was stolen, the G37 has been spotted tooling around San Antonio no fewer than three times. One of those times, the dealership's owner followed it for a while but lost it in traffic. San Antonio police said that, while they appreciate the help, they highly recommend that the public not attempt to contact crime suspects.

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