Rolls-Royce builds the Sweptail, a beautiful one-off boattail coupe

  • Image Credit: James Lipman
When it comes to custom-built cars, Rolls-Royce rarely fails to impress. Its latest creation is this one-off coupe called the Sweptail. According to Rolls-Royce, it was commissioned by a collector of bespoke machinery, and the car's design inspiration was the coachbuilt Rolls-Royces of the 1920s.

The end result is an enormous Rolls-Royce coupe with a beautiful trailing boattail design. It looks like a hyper-expensive boattail Buick Riviera in the best way possible. A glass roof sheds light on a particularly plush interior. There are only two seats in the massive coupe. Where rear seats would have gone, are shelves made of wood and glass for storage. Wood veneer, consisting of ebony and paldao, is found everywhere in the car, even in the cargo areas. The darker wood trim is also accompanied by light colored leather.

The Sweptail has a few little tricks up its sleeve, too. Opening the suicide doors on either side will reveal platforms for attache cases. The cases are designed to carry the occupants' laptop computers, and they're constructed from carbon fiber, wrapped in leather, and finished with aluminum and titanium hardware. Between the seats is a chiller that comes complete with crystal champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne from the year the owner was born. The trunk is also filled with custom-fitted luggage.

Being a one-off, you won't be able to buy one of these coupes yourself. But it does show the capabilities of Rolls-Royce for doing special automobiles. And, who knows, if you have the money and connections, you might be able to have your own unique Rolls-Royce commissioned.

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