Watch persistent thief try to steal bike from moving car

Have you ever met a hard-working criminal? Here's one. He is, in the British vernacular, a yob, a pillock, a prat. But you've got to credit his persistence.

This video, shot out a car's back window, shows this guy attempting to steal a $2,200 Mekk Primo racing bike off a car rack. The thing is, the car is moving.

First, he gives it a try, but the light changes and the car drives off on Tower Bridge Road in central London.

He pursues on his own presumably less costly bike, and it's a dogged pursuit, until the car stops once again - and he starts trying to steal the bike once again. He abandons his own bike in the process and keeps risking bike, life and limb before the car drives off for the last time.

The racing bike's owner is a 24-year-old man named Musa. His girlfriend Chloe, who was driving the car, told the website Come On England!: "From what I could see, the bike was still attached - so I decided to carry on because I knew he wouldn't be able to keep up with the car.

"He tried to chase us for quite a while before giving up."

If the thief were this diligent at an actual job, imagine how far he'd get in life.

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