Nature is beautiful but can also be horrifying in its sheer destructive power. If you have friends in Colorado, you probably see a lot of their photos of nature's splendor on social media. This week, though, many were sharing images from a vicious hailstorm that rolled through the state. Many people were caught in traffic at the time of the storm, and the resulting damage, as Jalopnik points out, inspired both awe and profanity (you've been warned) in the ensuing videos.

If you love your vehicle, you can certainly sympathize with the folks behind the cameras in Colorado. If you're in the automotive glass or dent-repair business around Denver, the shattering of windshields and thumping soundtrack of ice on sheet metal might evoke different emotions.

At least one dealership was battered, with hundreds of cars damaged by hailstones – reported to be as large as golfballs – at Stevinson Toyota Lexus in Lakewood. The storm also did a number on homes and businesses, including a shopping mall. Thankfully, nobody was killed by the hail.

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