Boston-area motorists got quite a surprise this week when a flock of wild turkeys clogged up rush-hour traffic on Interstate 95.

According to the Portland Press Herald, rush-hour traffic on I-95 in Lynnfield, Mass., was interrupted by a large wild turkey that decided to trot across the freeway like he owned the joint. The scene was captured by a hovering helicopter that filmed the turkey's perilous journey. The bird made it most of the way across on foot, but decided to fly the last few yards after a very close call with an oncoming SUV. The feathered interloper was apparently part of a larger flock that caused occasional traffic delays throughout the rest of the day along the highway.

Turkeys wandering into freeway traffic has been a thing recently. At the end of March, a turkey smashed through the windshield of a GMC SUV traveling along US 20 in Indiana. The turkey didn't make it, sadly, but luckily the people in the GMC were unharmed. Not two days later, another turkey launched a kamikaze attack on an Indiana state trooper by crashing through the windshield of his cruiser at speed. Same thing happened to a trucker in New Hampshire.

Something weird is going on with these turkeys, man. I'm not saying it's some kind of turkey uprising or anything, but I'd watch my back in turkey country if I were you.

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