Watch this Hot Wheels car and the amazing Technicolor toy track

GoPros are wonderful.

The action camera is a wonderful thing. Companies like GoPro are churning out cheap, compact, and relatively robust cameras that are capable of high quality video. People are mounting GoPros to everything, from cars to skateboards to dogs. YouTube channel 5MadMovieMakers has garnered tens of millions of views by simply mounting one to a Hot Wheels car and sending it down a track.

It's surprisingly satisfying watching these tiny toy cars roll down their tracks. The group's latest video, dubbed "Hot Wheels Nightmare," is a Kubrick-esque journey through a kaleidoscope of color and fire. According the video description, the effects were created using lighter fluid, kerosene, LED lights, and lasers. The video is set to music with certain dips and crests timed perfectly. The entire production is a bite-sized psychedelic experience. Watch and enjoy.

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