Automotive ad agencies must have been on a Pimp My Ride binge for the last few months, because it seems like everyone is making a commercial for their commercial. Honda is the latest out of the gate, with a 15-second short that teases the company's ad spot during the game. The clip doesn't show off much aside from a hashtag and a mustachioed Steve Carell.

The clip shows what looks like a yearbook photo, with a slightly younger looking Carell square in the center. He gives a short line about believing in yourself because you just might do something great. Honda's current tagline, "The Power of Dreams," closes out the commercial.

It's unclear what product the automaker will be promoting, but Honda has had several new reveals in recently, most notably the all-new 2018 Odyssey. That's the most likely candidate to follow up last year's commercial on the then-new Ridgeline.

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