Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweets support of immigrants in response to Trump's executive order

This has upset a number of his followers.

Nascar, in general, isn't something most people associate with liberal or left-leaning politics. The reputation of its fans is much the same. It may come as a shock then that Nascar's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., has publicly come out against President Trump's implementation of the immigration ban. This seems to have raised the ire of much of Dale Jr.'s fans.
Earnhardt Jr. tweeted a reply to a Muslim Nascar fan. The fan, Gelar Budidarma, is concerned about the far reaching implications of the executive order that temporarily banned entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, indefinitely banned entry of Syrian nationals, and suspended refugee intake for 120 days. Earnhardt Jr. voiced his support towards Budidarma, saying is family immigrated to America from Germany in the 1700s and that America was created by immigrants. He also said that he can't imagine how Budidarma is feeling under the cloud of this new ban.

A glance at Earnhardt Jr.'s Twitter shows a mixed reaction from fans. Many have taken issue with his stance, though a great number appear to show their support. Earnhardt Jr. has been named Nascar's most popular driver for 14 consecutive seasons, so it's obvious that he has the attention of a vast number of people.

Earnhardt Jr. rarely speaks out on political stances. Even here it's worth nothing that he doesn't comment directly with respect to the President's actions. According to The Huffington Post, Earnhardt Jr. previously supported George W. Bush, meaning he's not opposed to conservative or Republican ideals. On the other hand, he supported the removal of Confederate flags from Nascar races, saying it's offensive.

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