19 people turn a Tesla Model S into a fad telephone booth

To compare, humanity has packed more people into a Smart car.

This Tesla Model S P100D is a clown car. Or a 1959-style phone booth. Or a Guinness World Record. Or, actually, a bit of all three, thanks to 19 people who stuffed themselves into the electric car at one time.

The fun was captured by Carl Reese, who is a Guinness World Record holding professional endurance driver. He attempts a bunch of different world records (for example, driving from California to New York in just 57 hours and 48 minutes in an electric vehicle), and so he probably knows that the kid stuffed in the frunk won't count for a new Guinness record, since the officials require all participants in things like this to be 18 or over. When you're just chilling with your family over Christmas and want to have some fun, we won't fret over the DQ.

The 19 people in a Model S are impressive, but not when you consider that the Guinness World Record for Most people crammed in a Smart car sits at 20. There's always next Christmas.

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