Jay Leno and Neil deGrasse Tyson lose a window at 120 mph

Jay Leno has a lot of experience making videos about cars, but things don't always go as planned. Sometimes the car ends up on its roof. Other times, when you're giving a ride to a celebrity like astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in your custom, biofuel-powered turbine sports car, the window flies off at 120 mph. That's no reason to stop filming and ruin a take. Just watch the video to see the whole thing unfold.

The car in this video is Leno's crazy Honeywell turbine-powered EcoJet, was co-designed by Leno and GM at the latter's design center in North Hollywood, California, near Leno's home in Burbank. The jet engine runs on biofuel and produces 650 horsepower while the Cadillac-inspired body is made of carbon fiber and kevlar. The car was created for SEMA in 2006 and even has what appears to be valid California registration.

Tyson appears to be more surprised than Leno about the missing glass, but that doesn't last long as they push it to 165 mph. With a longer runway, he probably could have gone faster – window or no.

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