Jay Leno got an even wilder ride than he bargained for when he strapped himself in the famous Hemi Under Glass drag racer. Driven by accomplished stuntman Bob Riggle, who is 80 years old but doesn't look or act like it, the Hemi-powered Barracuda is legendary for its ability to lift its two front wheels with nothing more than a firm foot on the accelerator pedal. Unfortunately, Jay's time in the passenger seat included nearly as much time with zero wheels on the ground.

After a brief surge of acceleration, Riggle loses control of the Plymouth Barracuda as he attempts to get the skinny front wheels to turn. Several barrel rolls later, the racecar is back on its wheels, though with enough damage that it will need to be rebuilt with a new donor shell. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured during the wreck. Leno even cracks a joke during the standard-issue concussion protocol check by the medics at Irwindale Speedway in California.

Although the car was badly damaged, the supercharged Hemi lump continued purring away until Riggle switched it off. The 2,500-horsepower engine will live to see another drag strip. And, thanks to the fully modern safety equipment – a beefy roll cage, racing harnesses, and helmets – everyone walked away. Check out the video above for the entire sequence, and check out the full episode of Jay Leno's Garage on CNBC this Wednesday at 10 pm.

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