GM CEO Mary Barra named to Trump advisory panel

The panelists will advise Trump on job creation and economic policy.

Despite some heavy criticism of the American auto industry, President-elect Donald Trump has named General Motors CEO Mary Barra to his economic and job-creation panel, reports Automotive News. The group consists of CEOs from JPMorgan Chase, Walt Disney Co., Boeing, and a number of other industries. The panel is set to meet for the first time in February.

Barra will be one of 16 people and only one of two women - the other being IBM CEO Ginni Rometty - who form Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum. They will help advise Trump on job creation and strengthening the economy. Trump has said his administration will draw influence and advice from private sector businesses in an effort to make a more efficient government.

In the run up to the election, Trump leveled some harsh comments at Ford for moving production of some vehicles to Mexico. A major focus of his campaign was preventing companies from shipping blue-collar and manufacturing jobs overseas. General Motors is also expanding production in Mexico, but the automaker remained mostly clear of Trump's judgement.

The appointment of Barra might come as a surprise to some, as according to an email released by Wikileaks she was one of 39 potential running mates for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. But Barra has stated that she intends to help shape policy that will positively affect the auto industry, and this advisory position will certainly give her the opportunity to sell Trump on her ideas.

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