Douse dragster tires in gasoline, do a fiery burnout, win the Internet

Hey, wanna see something really cool? Check out the video above, in which a drag racer named Dave Nelson lights up the slicks of his drag racer. And we mean that literally, as in he lights his tires on fire, with gasoline, then does a burnout. The result, as you can see, is pretty spectacular. Flames spin out from the ballooning rear tires, billowing so close to Nelson in the driver's seat that we're impressed he holds the peace symbol for as long as he does.

It goes without saying that you should definitely not try this at home. Nelson is apparently a professional drag racer, and an internet search indicates this isn't his first fiery burnout rodeo. According to a comment that he left on the video, Nelson's racing suit is fire resistant, and there were "around a dozen" fully equipped fire marshalls onsite in case the stunt got out of hand.

For his flaming good video, Nelson won himself a GoPro award, and, as of this writing, around 230,000 views on YouTube. Well done, Dave.

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