Musk confirms Tesla glass technology group

From solar tiles to the Model 3's roof, Tesla's glass division wants to do it better than the competition.

As a startup, Tesla is doing things its own way. That includes using its own battery packs, creating its own charging standard, selling its own cars, and even providing its own product to generate the electricity customers will use to power their cars (and homes). The latest piece of the product chain Tesla is bringing in house is automotive glass.

Elon Musk touched upon the glass topic when he unveiled Tesla's new solar roof tiles for homes. As Electrek reports, Musk confirmed Tesla's new glass division in a phone call with analysts when talking about the solar tiles:

"It is using a lot of techniques used in automotive glass business. In case it wasn't obvious with the announcement, Tesla has created a glass technology group – with some really phenomenal people."

Musk also confirmed that Tesla will use its own glass technology in automotive applications, beginning with the upcoming Model 3. We've already seen Tesla's extensive use of glass in its current vehicles (to the extent that the Model X we tested received an aftermarket tint job on the enormous panoramic windshield). The Model 3 will offer a roof consisting of two large panes of glass. We can probably expect Tesla to emphasize the strength of its automotive glass closer to deployment, as it is doing with its solar tiles.

Tesla has tapped its Director and former Apple Senior Materials Engineer Mike Pilliod to head the division along with Tesla Program Manager Kate Kuzina. In addition to solar and exterior automotive glass endeavors, Pilliod's expertise could come in handy inside vehicles, or wherever else Tesla may eventually decide to deploy touchscreen technology. Either way, whether they're advances in glass or other technology, we can expect Tesla to continue to develop technology and build things itself in an attempt to stay ahead of the competition.

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