Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari-powered Gumout GT4586 debuts at SEMA

This is a shotgun wedding we support.

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Las Vegas is famous for its shotgun marriages, but the only Sin City nuptials we're interested in is the one officiated by Ryan Tuerck between a Toyota GT86 and the V8 engine from a Ferrari 458 Italia. The insane Gumout GT4586, as it's called, is probably one of the most well-known of the 2016 SEMA Show's stars, after video popped up showing the rear-drive Frankenstein firing up and spitting flames through its weird, front-mounted exhausts.

The day after we published that video, which showed the GT86 in mostly bare frame, Gumout and Tuerck posted a second clip showing the Japanese-Italian coupe literally running rings around a 458 while wearing its sheetmetal and yellow-tinted headlights.

The car's look in that second video carried over to the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, where the GT4586 showed up sans hood, ludicrously wide tires, and a huge wing and rear diffuser. It's clearly a good-looking car. You can check out our full SEMA gallery above, or, click the video below for a second look at Tuerck's Ferra-yota in action below.

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