Ryan Tuerck and Gumout's Ferrari-swapped Toyota GT86 has clearly been a grueling labor of love. And now, finally, the competition-only car is near enough to completion that the team could fire up for the first time. And the sound coming out of the custom machine is incredible.

In addition to putting out a short clip of the engine's glorious sound, Tuerck gives a detailed walkthrough of the entire vehicle and explains some of the custom touches behind the car. The exhaust, which comes out of the front end, for instance, was done to maintain the Ferrari 458 system's length. The result is supposed to mimic the sound of a stock 458, but we think it sounds more brutal than Maranello intended.

The Ferrari-powered machine also shoots flames. Massive, ridiculous, impressive balls of flame. The vehicle is on track to be completed this month, and we can't wait to see it shred some tires.

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