Classic Design Concepts has another riff on the widebody Challenger

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Dodge is secretly working on a widebody Hellcat-powered Challenger dubbed the ADR. But for those that can't wait a few years, there's this – Classic Design Concepts' Group 2 Widebody Challenger that was unveiled at SEMA.

The original Group 2 Widebody Challenger from CDC made its debut at SEMA back in 2008, but was given a new look for this year's trade show. The car, which you can scrutinize in the gallery above, features a bright red paint job with a blacked-out American flag on the left rear fender and "Hemi" in yellow on the right side. The wheels are also color-coated to match the rear billboard fenders, with the right side being finished in yellow and the left side a dark gray.

CDC's body kit is wide, slammed to the ground, and menacing. And if you happen to forget that this is a widebody Challenger, because the extra six inches of width are hard to miss, there's a clear reminder on the back of the car.

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