Nissan Rogue enters Star Wars universe in new commercial

Nissan might be taking its vehicle simulations too far.

Nissan's partnership with Lucasfilm released its first commercial tying the company's refreshed Rogue crossover in with the movie of mostly the same name, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The 30-second spot is quick to capitalize on the battle scenes coming to the new film featuring a horde of Imperial Stormtroopers, AT-ST, and new AT-ACT walkers taking on rebel forces as TIE Fighters and X-Wings battle overhead. With red and green lasers zipping by, the Rogue tries escaping the melee by cutting onto a dirt road, before Rogue One's new droid, K-2SO, triggers the Nissan's pedestrian detection system, stopping the car in its tracks.

On top of this 30-second Battle Tested spot, Nissan will launch a longer 60-second version in theaters. You should start seeing both ads in their respective mediums on October 31. Expect plenty more from Nissan and Lucasfilm ahead of R ogue One: A Star Wars Story's December 16 debut.

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