With the ending of FastLane Daily a few months ago, one of the longest running car show on Youtube, I thought it would try to introduce some people to my favourite automotive related Youtube channel: RegularCars, the people behind Regular Car Reviews (RCR).

Now with their videos being featured on both Road & Track as well as Jalopnik and having well over 300,000 subscribers, they are by no means a small channel but I find not many people know about these guys. Reviewing cars from an Aston Martin to a Chevy Sonic, cars from the 60s, all the way up until 2016, offers a good deal of variation with each video while maintaining the same characteristics that make the videos entertaining to watch. Offering commentary on car culture and consumer culture in general, they offer a blend of cars and entertainment that is reminiscent of the Clarkson era Top Gear. I have friends who watch their videos just for the entertainment and information, not for the vehicles being reviewed.

Mr, Regular himself describes Regular Car Reviews as a comedy car show and as such, it is able to bridge the gap between auto enthusiast and regular people looking to have a laugh. It offers a different perspective on car culture that isn't really represented anywhere else. Most automotive media comes from journalists, mechanics, and tuners which are great when you want to understand how a car performs, however, RCR offers how an everyday person may experience everyday cars. As someone who will be graduating university soon, I can more easily relate to the experience that Mr. Regular is describing. For those people who already familiar with RCR, I would suggest checking out the Gears and Gasoline interview of Mr. Regular and the Roman (although, this ruins the mystery of Mr. Regular's face).

Now Regular Car Reviews is not for everyone. I believe Mr. Regular has an English degree and in the review of a 2004 PT Cruiser back in , they spend a good deal of time talking about postmodernism. In addition to the English lectures mixed in, there is also quite a bit of crude humour. I thoroughly enjoy the mix between academia and a satirical take on car reviews and if article introduces only one person to RegularCars, I'll be happy that I was able to support on of my favourite Youtube creators.

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