Florida baby born in used car dealership lot

A Florida mother and her newborn son are in good condition after the mother gave birth in the parking lot of a Jacksonville used car dealer last week.

According to Action News Jax, the office manager at Only Used Trucks, Melissa Bomar, was going about her business on Friday when one of her employees burst into her office with some shocking news.

"I was in my office. One of the guys ran in and said we need to call 911," she said. "There's a baby being born in the parking lot!"

Bomar told reporters that her "mommy instinct" kicked in and she rushed to the lot while her coworkers called 911.

When she got to the parking lot, she found a woman in labor and her baby in a rush to be on the outside. Within moments, a tiny newborn baby boy was crying in Bomar's hands. Thankfully, paramedics arrived at the scene soon after.

"They cut the umbilical cord off in the parking lot, put mom and baby in the ambulance, then off they went," said Bomar.

According to Bomar, the parents named their new baby Alix Xavier and both he and his mother are in good condition at the hospital. Young Alix's parents also promised to bring him back to the dealership for a little reunion once he's allowed to go home.

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