Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the light-hearted series where Jerry Seinfeld shares a cup of coffee with other celebrities and drives cool cars, could be moving, reports the New York Times. With Seinfeld's contract coming to an end soon, the online series, which is aired on Crackle (Sony Pictures Entertainment's streaming service) is on the market.

According to the Times, Seinfeld has not felt comfortable with Sony since the departure of Steve Mosko, Sony's television chairman, in June. With Mosko and Sony parting ways – plus Crackle's struggles – Seinfeld is looking at Netflix and Hulu for a possible takeover of the series. It could still be aired on Crackle with another streaming outlet obtaining older episodes of the show.

With old episodes of Top Gear on Netflix and The Grand Tour set to air on Amazon Prime as an exclusive, we're sure another outlet would see the benefits of adding an automotive series to its list. If the show were to leave Crackle, though, it would be a significant blow to the streaming service as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee accounts for approximately 100 million streams.

Seinfeld's series was introduced in 2012 and through eight seasons amassed about 50 episodes. The ninth season is reportedly underway. The online series has been a hit for Sony and Crackle – it was nominated for best variety series at this year's Emmys.

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