Not everyone can make the trek from their homes to the expo Porte de Versailles to catch the Paris Motor Show in person. But fret not. This is the Internet, and that means our coverage will last to time indefinite. From future electric models to the pinnacle of gasoline-burning performance and everything in between, The City of Lights doesn't disappoint. Take it all in below, and stay tuned for more!

We pick our favorites from this year's Mondial de l'Automobile.

Our favorites from France.

This one could make its way to the US.

What's more impressive, its powerful electric powertrain or those doors?

And one that doesn't.

These are the three we'd take home from Paris, if we could.

And it's relatively affordable, too.

Unforturnately, the race car ditches the road car's sweet turbocharged inline-five.

Where does the next SL-Class go with the AMG GT C Roadster and S-Class cabriolet crowding it out?

An interview with M-B's design boss Gorden Wagener

The changes mirror those for the 3 Series Sedan.

The new BMW 330i and 340i Gran Turismo models see improvements to their four- and six-cylinder, turbocharged engines, along with some modest equipment upgrades for 2017.

Click, click, click, wallpaper image!

Sadly, the production version won't make as much horsepower.

And that first N car comes out next year.

It will do 124 miles per hour... anywhere.

The 3008 DKR will write the next chapter in Peugeot's prestigious off-road racing history, and it'll do so with an all-star lineup including drivers Carlos Sainz and Sebastien Loeb.

We talk to the head of Mercedes-AMG to get all the details.

Who says F1 technology doesn't improve road cars anymore?

The brand is gone now, but Suzuki's European lineup of compact crossovers would probably do really well in the US.

It's an even better baby Q7.

The new Q5 might be the Q7's Mini Me, but it looks even better.

Turbo model coming stateside previewed as the Soul SX in Paris

Sing it with us: just let your souuuul glow...

French futurism meets luxury grand touring.

We wish it was real.

This muscular compact sedan will likely come to the US.

TT RS who? The RS3 brings five cylinders to the party, too.

The concept car, deconstructed.

UX is short for user experience, and that's just what Lexus is trying to rethink with the unique interior and exterior design of its latest concept car.

This compact crossover is a new take on the SUV coupe idea.

And it's still a good idea of what the next QX50 crossover will look like.

EQ is the new electric sub-brand for M-B

We're about to see if Tesla buyers are loyal because they're loyal, or just because there haven't been any real electric alternatives.

Plus: Five special liveries that will celebrate the automaker’s 70th anniversary.

It's not your typical Ferrari spider, that's for sure.

Hood scoop just kicked in, yo!

We finally get to see the Type R that will come to America, in a loose "concept" disguise.

We break down the new Disco's key facts and features.

Off-road capability is still here in spades, though.

The Disco rocks a new look and slimmer figure.

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