Greek pilot and gunner survive spectacular AH-64 Apache crash

The incident occurred during a training exercise.

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Helicopters might be the most dangerous form of transportation on the planet. There are far too many spinning blades to make any sense at all. And when they crash – yes, "when," because they will – it's scary and spectacular in equal measure.

This video of a Greek Hellenic Army AH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopter comes from the waters off Thessaloniki. No one, from the Associated Press that first reported the story to Foxtrot Alpha, where the attached video was posted, seems to know what went wrong during the training exercise, but the end result was a stunning crash that's even crazier when you realize the chopper's pilot and gunner walked away uninjured.

After plunging into the water off the Greek beach, the AH-64 flipped head over heels and its tail assembly nearly snapped in two. Based on the video and the image posted over at ABC, it was a shallow-water crash – bits of the chopper are still sticking out of the water – which may have contributed to the lack of injuries for the pilot and gunner.

Check out the video up top.

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