Jeremy Clarkson sends his house out with a bang, literally

Because blowing stuff up is fun.

In a move that we're sure surprises no one, Jeremy Clarkson went with the loudest, most violent method for his house demolition he could: explosives. But this was not some random, unplanned accident or publicity stunt. According to the UK & Ireland branch of Yahoo! Finance, the automotive journalist acquired permission from the local town council to demolish the house he rents to people.

Why would Clarkson demolish a perfectly good home? Besides the fact that it's fun? Apparently, he plans to build a larger house in its place. Of course, Clarkson being Clarkson, he hired a crew to use explosives instead of conventional construction equipment (or tanks). Clarkson did provide warning to nearby residents via letters explaining the operation. A neighbor reported to The Telegraph that the whole process lasted 45 minutes Wednesday afternoon. That same neighbor also mentioned to The Telegraph there was a funeral going on in the nearby village, but so far there haven't been any reports of the demolition seriously disrupting anyone's activities.

According to all sources, the loud but brief process thoroughly leveled the old five-bedroom building, which Yahoo! Finance reported was worth £4 million. Yahoo! Finance also reports that the successive house will be 12,173 sq. ft. house that Clarkson has dubbed "Diddly Squat Farm." The Telegraph noted that "it will have a basement cinema, a walled garden, orangery, room for five cars, a yard for horses, six bedrooms and five bedrooms."

To be honest, we can't exactly blame Clarkson for blowing up the house. Blowing stuff up is fun. We should know.

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