Recharge Wrap-up: aftermarket Tesla sound upgrade, free charging from EVgo

ClipperCreek launches Share2 enabled chargers.

Can you do better than Tesla's sound upgrade for less money in the aftermarket? Teslarati compares Tesla's upgraded speaker system (a $2,500 option) to a system from Light Harmonic. Upgrading to the $999 Light Harmonic Model S.4D provided mixed results. While not as complete as the factory upgrade, the speakers seem to be of a much better quality than those that come standard in the Model S. As a complete system, Tesla's Ultra-High-Fidelity Sound is better, but still, it's $2,500, and the aftermarket option is a pretty good deal. The author and his team note that a true head-to head comparison can't be made until Part 2 of Light Harmonic's upgrade is released. Also helpful, Teslarati details the process of switching out the speakers at home, with some tips on how to make it easier for yourself. See the video above, and read the full review at Teslarati.

EVgo will offer free charging for National Drive Electric Week. From September 10 through 18, NRG EVgo cardholders, including EZ-Charge, EV 1-2-3 Charge, and ChargeNow customers, will be able to juice up their battery for free. EVgo is waiving the setup fee for non-members who sign up for the company's Flex plan. EVgo is encouraging users to use the free electrons to go out and celebrate Drive Electric Week at one of the many events going on around the country. "With over 200 events happening this week in communities all across the US, there is something for everyone," says Plug In America Executive Director Joel Levin. Read more in the press release from EVgo.

ClipperCreek's new Share2 system allows two EVs to charge from the same circuit. If one car is plugged in, it gets full power, but plugging in a second vehicle will split the power between them. "This enables customers to charge two vehicles at the same time, on one branch circuit, saving considerably on installation costs," says ClipperCreek President Jason France. ClipperCreek is offering Share2 on its HCS-40 line of Level 2 chargers. A two-station bundle with Share2 starts at $1498. Read more from ClipperCreek.

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