Watch how the Army moves a broken helicopter

Need to move an attack chopper? We recommend a bigger helicopter.

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Ever seen a dog pick up one of its pups by the scruff of the neck? This is the same thing, except instead of a pair of fluffy Golden Retrievers, the big dog is a 25,000-pound CH-47 Chinook and the puppy is a stricken, 15,000-pound AH-64 Apache.

The incident came about after a AH-64 made an emergency landing. While both pilot and gunner were uninjured, the chopper's mechanical ills meant it wasn't flying away from the Wallisville, TX rice paddy it landed in. According to The Aviationist, the CH-47 swooped in, hooked up to the Apache, and lifted and carried it 16 miles to Baytown Airport, a single-runway field about 30 miles east of Houston.

Unfortunately, there's no voiceover in this piece of Associated Press b-roll. Still, it's amusing watching the CH-47 pick up its baby brother and fly away as the attack chopper helplessly spins below.

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