Formula 1 speed freaks, rejoice. The Italian Grand Prix will remain at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza for another three years. The president of the Automobile Club d'Italia, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, and F1 dictator Bernie Ecclestone made the announcement today, shutting down rumors that the long-running race would say on the outskirts of Milan instead of heading down the road to the storied circuit at Imola.

"Regretfully we cannot sign it here legally," Ecclestone said, Autosport reports. "More importantly we have reached an agreement after a few months of negotiations between the lawyers. We are going through all the small details together and we will sign this back in England."

When Ecclestone says "legally," he's referring to the remarkably contentious fight between Imola and Monza – figuring out who will host the Italian GP has been as difficult as refusing a 37th helping at Grandma Francesca's Sunday dinner. Over two years of bickering between Monza and F1 over the latter's €25-million ($27.9M at today's rates) race fee nearly prevented a contract renewal between the two sides.

Things escalated to the point that Imola and Bernie Ecclestone came to terms for a race at the famed track, with both sides perhaps suspecting the troubled negotiations with Monza would break down entirely. Since that story broke in July, the former hosts of the defunct San Marino Grand Prix have fought tooth and nail to bring F1 back to their track for the first time since 2006, taking the matter to court and accusing the Automobile Club d'Italia of favoring Monza and denying it government funds that its northern rival usually enjoys.

Neither the ACI or F1 released details of the arrangement, likely owing to Imola's pending legal action. According to, the courts will issue a ruling on Imola's petition on October 26.

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