Bret Greenstein to speak at UPSHIFT on the future of transportation

We are excited to announce IBM Vice President Bret Greenstein will join us at Autoblog UPSHIFT 2016 to speak about connected vehicles and the future of transportation. Greenstein heads up IBM's Watson Internet of Things projects. He will speak about what a more connected world may look like at the Autoblog UPSHIFT event in Detroit on October 6. Greenstein works with the technology in all aspects of IBM's business, from hardware to software to service delivery and business transformation.

Greenstein and his team are devoted to creating new ways of interacting with the Internet and the devices that drive our everyday lives. He has spent 28 years at the tech giant bringing to life hardware and software that continue to shape the world we live in. Greenstein's current team is responsible for Watson, the powerful cloud-based cognitive computing platform famous for being the first non-human to compete on the gameshow Jeopardy!

The supercomputer is also the brain of Olli, Local Motors' autonomous minibus. Passengers are able to verbalize questions to Watson and receive useful information from the computer about the bus's routes, how the vehicle functions or even restaurant recommendations for when riders get where they're going. Watson is an integral part of IBM's Internet of Things, which seeks to revolutionize the was the digital world and physical world work together.

Greenstein will join other luminaries from technology and transportation fields in Detroit on October 6. Extra early bird tickets are still available. We hope to see you there.

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