Germany approves software fix for another 450,000 VW diesels

Meanwhile, Volkswagen and CARB continue testing in the US.

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The German government gave Volkswagen the okay to begin recall work on 460,000 vehicles with the company's not-for-the-US 1.2-liter turbodiesel. This latest move means VW can work on over five million cheating TDI engines globally.

The smallest member of the EA189 family – the same engine family as the US market 2.0-liter TDIs – VW relies on the 1.2-liter triple to power the Polo and Seat Ibiza subcompacts. The German company is notifying owners in a two-stage process. Stage one – an initial letter informing owners of the software update – has already taken place. Stage two is a second letter that asks those same customers to book an appointment at their local dealer.

While some of the fixes for the cheating diesels involve hardware changes, like the rest of the EA189 family, VW's 1.2-liter TDI engines just need a simple software fix. According to Volkswagen, the tweaks bring the Polo/Ibiza engine "fulfill all statutory requirements" for Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Despite German approval of the software update, Volkswagen is still testing fixes for US market EA189s with the California Air Resources Board.

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