A suspected drunk driver told a Santa Fe cop something most arresting officers never hear: "Thank you." Raymond Martinez expressed his gratitude to police after they were called to a suspected DWI crash on Highway 502 near Los Alamos last month. A new car had hit a rock wall and spun out into the highway. When police inspected the wreck they found empty liquor bottles.

At first, Martinez's girlfriend, also injured in the crash, tried to take the blame, KRQE reported. She told police she was driving, but officers quickly figured out that the woman was a passenger and that Martinez was actually the driver based on their injuries. Martinez eventually admitted to driving, and told police he had seven shots of liquor before getting behind the wheel.

When a Santa Fe County Sheriff's deputy caught up with Martinez at the hospital, the man was in complete shock. The officer allowed Martinez a moment to gather his thoughts before heading to the squad car. His body camera recorded the exchange. The two discuss how Martinez and his girlfriend could have died.

"I told her I think it's God's calling, like to stop drinking," Martinez told the deputy. "Honestly, sir, I do appreciate everything you're doing for me, man I really do, sir," Martinez told the deputy. He then turned around and allowed the officer to place him under arrest. Martinez was charged with DWI, careless driving, open container, and no seat belts. Police are waiting on a blood test to determine how drunk Martinez was at the time of the crash.

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