Driver follows Waze directions directly to gun fight

A man and woman driving through Boston followed a traffic app's directions directly into gun fire over the weekend. Now the couple's dashcam footage is being used in the investigation of this violent crime.

A video entitled 'Waze Brings Us to a Gunfight in Boston' was posted to LiveLeak on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail. A man and woman were redirected by the Waze app down Dale Street in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. Their dashcam recorded two figures standing across the street from one another in the distance when the gunfire started. The man and woman quickly reversed under a hail of gunfire and swearing as one of the shooters ran toward the vehicle.

The couple called police and sent the video on to investigators. Boston police told the Boston Globe no one was injured during the fire fight. Police found four spent shell casings at the scene. No arrests have been made. Police Commissioner William B. Evans told reporters he was grateful to the vehicle owners for coming forward with the footage.

Waze recently launched a feature to steer drivers away from what it calls 'difficult intersections'. Difficult intersections are described by the company as ones having tricky turns or lacking stop signs, but could also encompass dangerous neighborhoods as well. The new feature to avoid tricky intersections was launched in Los Angeles. The setting for avoiding dangerous neighborhoods however was launched in Brazil after the app directed a couple into a slum, where the two were shot.

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